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Our new game "Cosmophony" is just OUT!

Cosmophony is a musical shooter designed for demanding gamers seeking an original and intense mobile experience.

You must control the heart of a fallen goddess within a dying universe in order to fulfill her destiny. Your goal is to progress through a series of levels designed to be played to an exhilarating, 100% drum and bass soundtrack by DJ Salaryman (DnB Arena, RAM records).


key features


  • Constant 60 FPS
  • Unique synesthetic design based on music
  • Impressive HD graphics with psychedelic background videos
  • 100% DnB soundtrack created especially for the game


Note that this game is designed with more experienced gamers in mind: the difficulty level, while gradual, is still very high.

SpaceTrooper USA

SpaceTrooper USA


Kill an army of alien spiders coming from space and destroy the asteroid they’ve nested on! It’s up to you to use your special powers and awesome weaponry to battle these vicious spiders, and save planet Earth.

Earth will soon be under attack by a vicious army of ants arriving on an asteroid from the farthest reaches of outer space. You’re the only one with special powers and awesome weapon that can stop these vicious spiders and destroy the asteroid. Bend the ground at will, and exterminate the alien spiders –
before they exterminate you!

- Addictive galactic shooting experience. 
- Massive alien extermination. 
- Upgrade your weapons. 
- 7 powerful bonuses. 
- Pure arcade challenges.

- God-like terraforming. 
- Real-time ground deformation. 
- Full, physical, destructible world.

- Stunning 3D graphics. 
- Amazing HD Experience.

- Impressive crowd behavior. 
- Vicious and aggressive enemies.

- Epic orchestral soundtracks. 
- Volumetric 3D sounds. 
- Arcade SFX

Features: Massive Alien Shooter, Terraforming, HD Graphics, Orchestral soundtracks

Surfing Beaver

Surfing Beaver

Join the 700K player of this game and take a great break with this free fun game!

Help a crazy beaver to survive by controlling a tsunami that he caused!!

- Amazing 2D cartoon graphics and music
- Customize your game with more of 70 items and upgrades like skins, surfs, levels, power-up,...
- Very fun and addictive GamePlay with support of GameCenter

And the most important : it's free!!

This video is a critics made by a YouTuber enjoy!




Travel with your rocket through a world in destruction and save the humans abandoned to their fate!

Building are collapsing, mountain are sinking into the ground, constructions are under attack... Humans are panicking and can only hope for one thing, being rescued by your rocket, which really seems like their last hope!

◉ 1 button Gameplay
◉ Two game modes : Adventure and Daily Challenge
◉ Tens hours of game play in adventure mode!
◉ A new challenge each day

his is our first collaboration with "Ketchapp" a famous French application Publisher.





A Unique narrative puzzle game

Available now on mobiles and tablets

unWorded is a game where everything is built from letters. It let you dive into the mind of a writer and experience is inner creative world.
Hospitalized after a serious accident, a writer reflects about his life by the means of strange and wondrous tales.
Help the writer reassemble his memory and thoughts in this narrative puzzle game where everything is composed of letters. Use your imagination to create objects using those letters and find out what is inside the writer's head.


A UNIQUE Puzzle Game

unWorded is composed of puzzles. This puzzles consist in assembling letters by dragging them on the canvas in order to form an object. The object is always hinted at in the text preceding the creation of the writer.


The Story

The story is about a book writer, who was just hospitalised after a serious accident. As his wife at his bedside read to him fairy tales of his own creations, you dive into his mind, sharing his last thoughts as he reminisce about his life and work, standing with him at the death's door.


About us

unWorded is a fully independent production. This game is mainly made by 2 persons. our early goal was to create a game that is both immersive and challenging yet that not require any previous playing skills. unWorded will be release by the end of 2016.


The game is not yet released and you can subscribe to receive news and update about our game!