Sony Xperia exclusive choice!


Sony choiced Bento again on Xperia Play(tm) and Xperia(tm) phones!

Discover or re-discover SpaceTrooper in it's better version right now!

Surfing Beaver Now include Giftiz


Surfing Beaver include now a new in game rewarding application called "Giftiz"

Download the Giftiz App and the update right now!

Game connection


Bento was present to this major profesional event with all the leader of the video game industry.

3 days of conferences, meetings and partys to make our buisness more stronger and develop our relations with the other studios and editors or constructors. A big thanks to all the persons we meet!

Winner of the contest "indé a 6 faces"


A new price for Bento developper of the project "Moutcho et Pitrouille" by Iboo-interactive winner of the french contest called "indé a 6 faces" organized by "CanardPC"

This national price award the 6 best indy games projects in France in 2012!

Digiworld Game Summit


Selected to be speaker to the DWGS Bento will present his new video game concept in front of:

Bill FLETCHER, Animation Director,Valve Software

Keith GUERRETTE, Lead Visual Effect Artist, Naughty Dog

Wyeth JOHNSON, Art Director, Epic Games

Paha SCHULZ, Director of Business Devt - Game-as-service, Crytek

Robert COGBURN, Lead designer, Naughty Dog

Alexis JOLIS DESAUTEL, Senior Game Designer, Ubisoft Montréal




Bento present @CJVM.

Excellent lectures on the theme of the relationship between marketing and video games. Many exciting speakers on the topics of Advergame SocialGaming and mobility. Note the presence of prestigious participants such as Playsoft, Tapjoy, Mando, the French games, Ouat Entertainement, EggBall, DDB agency, and so many other!


icon More than 7000 views on Youtube, a growing happy user community and some coders from Ubisoft or Unity congrats us! Didn't kwow how to thank you guys...


ggcon fb

Bento present @GotGameConference2012 Amsterdam

Very good event with interessting subject around the video game industry.