Kill an army of alien spiders coming from space and destroy the asteroid they’ve nested on! It’s up to you to use your special powers and awesome weaponry to battle these vicious spiders, and save planet Earth.

Earth will soon be under attack by a vicious army of ants arriving on an asteroid from the farthest reaches of outer space. You’re the only one with special powers and awesome weapon that can stop these vicious spiders and destroy the asteroid. Bend the ground at will, and exterminate the alien spiders –
before they exterminate you!

- Addictive galactic shooting experience. 
- Massive alien extermination. 
- Upgrade your weapons. 
- 7 powerful bonuses. 
- Pure arcade challenges.

- God-like terraforming. 
- Real-time ground deformation. 
- Full, physical, destructible world.

- Stunning 3D graphics. 
- Amazing HD Experience.

- Impressive crowd behavior. 
- Vicious and aggressive enemies.

- Epic orchestral soundtracks. 
- Volumetric 3D sounds. 
- Arcade SFX

Features: Massive Alien Shooter, Terraforming, HD Graphics, Orchestral soundtracks